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Proposal for evaluating the operational feasibility and acceptability of Citofem ®, a liquid based cytology test for cervical cancer screening when using Telecytology as an alternative method for smear reporting in the absence of a hospital based pathologist to improve Pap smear result turn-around-time: A Possible Game Changer in the fight against Cervical Cancer in Papua New Guinea.

Background Cervical cancer is the most common form of cancer in women in Papua New Guinea (Vallely et al 2011). The 2012 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare  report on cervical screening showed a declining trend in the new cases … Continue reading

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Debate On Training of Medical Doctors in Papua New Guinea

One of the hot topics debated during the recent medical symposium in Goroka recently was on the training of medical doctors in PNG. The general opinion of recent and senior medical doctors present during one of the discussion session was … Continue reading

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Tackling Tuberculosis in Papua New Guinea: Guest Blogger Article.

The article below was from a guest blogger – Claire Holt. Tackling Tuberculosis in Papua New Guinea  For twenty years the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recognised tuberculosis (TB) as a renewed threat to global health. Progress had been made in stabilising numbers affected by the … Continue reading

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Corruption In Papua New Guinea Out of Contol!

Corruption in Papua New Guinea is out of control! There is no doubt about it. Corruption is “Systemic” and “Systematic” to use the words of Sir Mekere Morauta, former Prime Minister of PNG. It is so embedded in the majority, … Continue reading

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The Effects of Dietary Changes on Health in Papua New Guinea.

The article below was submitted by guest blogger Claire Wainright. The article discusses dietary changes occuring in PNG and its impact on health in PNG. ———————————————————— In the mountains and valleys of Papua New Guinea, traditional village life revolves around … Continue reading

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