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Major Public Health Journal Dedicates Supplement Issue To TB Operational Research in Papua New Guinea

A major Public Health Journal – The Union, published by the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, dedicated a supplement issue to TB operational research in PNG. The articles published – authored by PNG doctors and scientists working in … Continue reading

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A Betel Nut Law Can Help Control Mouth Cancer in Papua New Guinea.

A lot of people reading this article will say – “betel nut chewing is part of our culture. Why do we need a law to control our own culture?” And I agree with all who say this. But the buying … Continue reading

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And Enters Chikungunya Into Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea now has confirmed cases of Chikungunya. What the public is not aware is that the vector for the virus that causes chikungunya has always been here. It’s the aedes mosquito species. So PNG has always been a “high risk” country … Continue reading

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Solar Powered Lantern With Mobile Phone Charger For Rural Aidposts and Health Centres In PNG

Papua New Guinea has 7 million people and only 2 million has access to some of form of electricity. And even this is in unreliable with regular power blackouts. The 5 million however, do not have access to electricity or … Continue reading

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Immunisation Coverage Single Most Important Health Activity For Papua New Guinea.

We all know that the immunisation coverage in PNG is not to the level we want. I thought I will share new data out from USA after the introduction of the PCV7 (vaccine for pneumonia) in 2000. First the data in … Continue reading

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