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Betel Nut Legislation To Control The Sale, Buying & Chewing Of Betel Nut In The Pacific.

The Federated States of Micronesia (Pohnpei State), Palau and Marshall Islands are few of the Pacific Island Countries that have a betel nut legislation to control the habit of betel nut chewing. Betel nut chewing is now established as a … Continue reading

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Miracles Do Happen!

It was another busy morning at the rural mission hospital where I was working. The hospital has a 112 bed capacity and there are only two doctors working, myself and a colleague. My colleague had gone for a three months … Continue reading

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Why Is the Current Cholera Outbreak In PNG Still Continuing?

Since the cholera outbreak in Papua New Guinea more than 12 months ago there seem to be no containment of the problem. Cholera is a disease associated with poverty, poor sanitation¬†and lack of clean drinking water. It is estimated that … Continue reading

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Does Clinical Specialist Training Prepare Doctors To Be Health Administrators?

This is a very interesting question. And indeed there is a lot of debate¬†within the health corridors of PNG for sure. Does a clinical speciality training prepare a doctor to be a health administrator? I really do not think so. … Continue reading

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New PNG Journal Website!

After researching we have finally been able to have a proper website for Papua New Guinea Journal of Science, Technology and Engineering. We have been using wordpress to publish abstracts but we really wanted to have our own professional website … Continue reading

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