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Investment In Preventive Public Health Programs In Local Communities Will Reduce PNG’S Disease Burden By More Than 50%!

I don’t think buying more sophisticated diagnostic equipment or the availability of very strong antibiotics will reduce our disease burden. Having more doctors or nurses will not help directly either. Sure, these things may but it’s like catching overflowing water … Continue reading

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Leukemia & Lymphoma classification at PMGH: what do we do when we can’t reach global standards?

I failed my specialist training in 2016 and decided to take a year off in 2017 to write and publish some of my work in medical journals. My interest is in Pathology, the science of studying diseases and I have … Continue reading

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Primary Health Care Remains and Should Be Priority for PNG.

A friend of mine recently asked me why Cancer services are non existent in PNG. He had to know because his mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer and the family decided to try services in the Philippines. He … Continue reading

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PNG Medical & Health Sciences University to be established!

I first wrote about a stand alone PNG National Medical University in November 2014. You can read the post here. After 2 years, the PNG government has approved its establishment. Read about it here. The concept has been around for … Continue reading

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PNG Health Workforce in Crisis: A Call to Action October 2011

The World Bank made a comprehensive report in 2011 regarding PNG’s health workforce and the need for action. Five years on and nothing seemed to have been done. No action! Below is a synopsis of that report: Source:¬† Papua New … Continue reading

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ePathPG: A Telepathology Initiative to Overcome Shortage of Pathologists in PNG & Access To Specialists Globally!

What started for me as a passion in photography and work using a microscope as a trainee pathologist has given birth to “ePathPG”. Telepathology is an emerging field in pathology and is only going to grow with advances in the … Continue reading

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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword or Bullet!

Following the aftermath of what transpired between protesting UPNG Students and PNG Police, the international community has condemned the shooting of students. There is also overwhelming support in PNG for the students as evidenced by postings on other social media … Continue reading

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