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I am a medical doctor from Papua New Guinea. My posts focuses on current and emerging health issues in PNG and the Pacific.

Dengue Outbreak in Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia

Yap State of the Federated States of Micronesia is currently experiencing a dengue break. Dengue is a mosquito borne viral infection and infected persons develop fever, joint aches and pains, head ache, muscle pain and flu like symptoms. Complications of … Continue reading

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Where Corruption Is Legal

Guest post by Guest Blogger Troy Rako PNG is losing its best men and women. PNG is losing its brightest men and women. PNG is losing its righteous and conscientious men and women. It is losing them not to death … Continue reading

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“Academic Cartels”, PNG Medical Society & PNG Medical Symposium: The Need For Robust Transparent Scientific Debates.

This year marks another year for the PNG Medical Society hosting the annual Medial Symposium, this time in Madang Province. Timely and appropriately in Madang too since the Divine Word University has commenced its own MBBS program for doctor training … Continue reading

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Primary Health Care Remains PNG’s Greatest Priority Health Challenge.

After more than 10 years of being declared Polio free by the WHO, the disease is back! And there are many other diseases that were once on the decline in PNG are now back and the number continue to increase … Continue reading

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Sorcery & Witchcraft in Papua New Guinea: How Can Health Workers Stop & Prevent The Killings & Torture?

Every Papua New Guineans believe in sorcery and witchcraft, no matter how educated they are! And this is from experience. Do I believe in sorcery and witchcraft? Let’s just say I believe in Science. Frankly, I believe the health sector … Continue reading

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