Chapter 11: “Doc, how much salt is safe?”

Salt is listed as Sodium Chloride on the nutritional panel on a food label. It is widely known and accepted that too much salt can increase the blood pressure. On average 25% of a person’s salt intake comes from salt that is added while they are preparing the food. The rest comes from salt included during the manufacturing process. It would be difficult to find foods with no salt in them on the shelves of supermarkets. Therefore compare food labels and choose those with a low salt content.

A healthier choice would also be to not to add salt during food preparation. Recently, stock cubes have become very popular among Papua New Guineans. These contain a lot of salt and should be avoided as much as possible. Hidden salts include monosodium glutamate, meat and vegetable extracts, baking powder, sodium bicarbonate and stock cubes.



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