Chapter 10: “Doc, what about sugar?”

Although one may be advised to avoid all sugars, in reality this is impossible. Sugar may be a natural part of an ingredient used in manufacturing or it can be added during the manufacturing process.

Added sugar is usually in the form of sucrose (table sugar) or glucose. Foods that are low or have no sugars are a healthier choice (E.g. wholegrain bread, fruits, vegetables and low fat milk). Foods containing large amount of sugar such as chocolates, cakes and sweet biscuits have little nutritional value. The nutritional panel on a food label usually shows the total amount of sugar.

A quick look at the ingredients used may help to show where the sugars came from. This may not be easy as ingredients may be listed by a name that is unfamiliar. Added sugars include glucose, sucrose, syrups, molasses and modified carbohydrates


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