Chapter Five: “Doc, what does the Heart Foundation Tick mean?”

Increasingly supermarkets in PNG are importing from manufacturers in Asia. However, there are some products that are still imported from Australia. Foods with the Heart Foundation Tick (see figure 2.0) means that they have been independently tested and found to be meeting the National Heart Foundation Australia nutritional standards. Nutritional standards tested are saturated fat, trans fat, sodium (salt), kilojoules, fibre, protein and calcium. The National Heart Foundation Australia has strict labeling requirements and foods must meet these requirements before displaying the tick.

It is also important to note that the Heart Foundation is a nonprofit organization and manufacturers pay a fee to participate in the Tick Program.

Although the Heart Foundation Tick is a good guide to a healthy food choice, it is best to also check the food label for the nutritional content.


Figure 2.0. Foods with the Heart Tick have been independently tested by the National Heart Foundation Australia.


National Heart Foundation Australia Tick



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